New air purifier laboratory hospital household air filter purifier

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New air purifier laboratory hospital household air filter purifier

Model: T-1400 

Function:  Remove dust/pollen/smoke/Fur/odor/Formaldehyde/TVOC/Kill virus 


Application:  School/Hospital/Office/Livingroom/Hotel/KTV/Station/Airport/Church Fitness room/Training room/Meeting room/Hair salon//Bar/Restaurant,etc


  1. Six layers purification disinfection,360°disinfection seamlessly
  2. Super large carbon filter + Large Hepa filter,Large disinfection area
  3. Remove various pollutant,PM2.5dustodor,bacteria and virus ,etc 
  4. 4Real time display PM2.5value,TVOC.HCHO.Co..Temperature,Humidity etc.
  5. ouch display,remote control,Smart app real time control.

Large air volume:1200mm³/h 

Virus removal rate:Staphylcoccus Albus>99.9%Staphylococcus aureus>99.9% 


UVC Length :253.7nm 

Plasma :50*10^9 pcs 

Applicable area:150㎡ 

Noise (SPL) :45dB 

Air filters: Prefilter+carbon filter+H13 Hepa filter+Tio2.filter+UVC+Plasma 

Screen display:TemperatureHumiditivPM2.5real time value(with color displav) 

 Smart,SleepingChild-lock Covalue,HCHO valuetimeHEPALife time,Air volume,WifiPlasma

Material: Frosted Matte and Full baking varnish machine case 

Control method :Touch+remote control+ Smart App contro 

Smartmethod : Smart TUYA app 

Packing :EPS+Strong brown paper 

OEM: Machine logo/User manual/Label/Carton package/App interface,etc

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