The filter screen of air purifier is suitable for all types of products, and the manufacturer of activated carbon high-efficiency HEPA filter is wholesale

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Efficacy of filter screen: effectively purify harmful substances in the air and PM2.5. Remove second-hand smoke, adsorb peculiar smell, formaldehyde, phenol, smoke smell, mold, etc; Prevent dust, hair, chemical pollution, etc. Effectively remove the odor, peculiar smell, carbon monoxide and other harmful gases in the air. Purify fresh and clean air

Common composite filter screen consists of pre primary filter screen, HEPA filter (H9 ~ H13), honeycomb activated carbon filter screen and photocatalyst coating

Split filter screen is commonly divided into: washable front filter screen, HEPA filter screen (H11 ~ H13), honeycomb activated carbon filter screen and photocatalyst filter screen

PS: in addition to the commonly used filter screen of our model, a certain amount of customized filter screen is required, and all kinds of filter screens of air purifiers can be customized. (including mold opening of plastic parts)

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