Ultraviolet air purifier

Ultraviolet air purifier

Ultraviolet air purifier is mainly used in families. It is a necessity for household disinfection and sterilization.

Function of ultraviolet air purifier

Adsorb PM2 in the air 5、PM0. 3 and other micro dust and various bacteria. In insufficient sunshine or haze days, Midea air purifier can automatically capture dust, bacteria and other particles in the air after air flow through air circulation, and completely adsorb the particles on the imported h13-hepa filter screen.

The unique UV lamp sterilization device of the air purifier can decompose and kill the bacteria blocked on the filter screen after the air flows, greatly reducing the secondary pollution caused by bacterial residue.

The UV device has a wavelength of 240 ~ 280 nm (about 254 has the strongest bactericidal power). The UV at this wavelength has a strong bactericidal effect.

Purification: release the purified air, kill the bacteria and harmful micro dust in the air, and release the air beneficial to the human body to achieve the purification effect.


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